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Sandusky Verdict

The first three sketches were done as the verdict was read in the courtroom . . . .  Sandusky120622_verdict
. . . . and are pretty sketchy. It was late and, apart from Sandusky, there was alot of emotion. Sandusky120622_victim
This last sketch is from earlier in the day when the jury asked to hear part of the the judge’s instructions over again. Sandusky120622_jury

Reuters story here.

Defense Rests

After tesimony from four witnesses today defense attorney Joe Amendola announced, “the defense rests”. Jerry Sandusky, who had been expected to testify, never took the stand.

Here are the rest of today’s sketches: Sandusky120620_Dranov







Reuters story here.

One Last Witness for the Prosecution

The Commonwealth called one more witness before resting its case against Jerry Sandusky.  Sandusky120618_weeps
The witness, the mother of “Victim #9”, became visibly upset as she told the court how she regretted encouraging her son to spend time with Sandusky unaware of what was happening.

The defense started off by calling two former Penn State assistant coaches, who testified that showering with young boys was a commonplace.Sandusky120618_Anderson
Although neither coach, according to their testimony, engaged in the kind of horseplay and bearhugs attributed to Sandusky. Sandusky120618_Brooks

Reuters story here.