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Tsarnaev150430Last Thursday, after lawyers in the Boston Marathon bombing trail spent over an hour meeting in chambers, Judge O’Toole announced that we had a sick juror and would recess till Monday.

I immediately made plans to secure a bicycle and take advantage of the opportunity to explore Boston, but it was not to be. I was called back to the courthouse for the arraignment of an ex-FBI charged with perjury in the Whitey Bulger trial.FitzpatrickOne consolation, a group of musicians started playing on the main floor of the courthouse. I did this sketch from above.bSketch150430_musicians

Finally done with the arraignment, I headed to the hotel anticipating a quiet evening, maybe dinner with a friend, before flying back to Baltimore the next morning. But no, instead I had to rush off to Newark for the guilty plea Friday morning of Gov. Christie ally Рnot Kirstie Alley Р David Wildstein in the Bridgegate scandal.Wildstein Bridgegate Plea

Wildstein Bridgegate Plea

If it sounds like I’m complaining, I’m not. I really love this last minute stuff.