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Slow Day At Tsarnaev Trial

What a change from the first week of trial when we could barely keep up with witnesses. Today we didn’t get complete testimony from even one witness, nor any new exhibits.

The FBI cyber squad agent who took the stand last week completed his testimony this morning and then we moved on to Dr Matthew Levitt, an expert on jihad who would provide context to the statement Tsarnaev penciled on the inside of the boat. It was expected that Dr. Levitt’s testimony would be completed today since he had a flight to catch this evening, but it looks like he’ll have to change his plans. He’s due back tomorrow.


Government Case Winding Down

After hearing from an FBI bomb tech who identified the remains of a pressure cooker bomb that was shown to the jury the government moved on to digital evidence on various electronic devices. Identifying incriminating files out of the reams of data on computer, thumb drive, iPhones and CD’s was slow going. The witness from the FBI’s cyber squad, Kevin Swinden, will be back Monday for the defense’s cross-examination.








Tsarnaev Prosecution Moves To Watertown

It was all very hush-hush as we sketch artists and two reporters were told to report to the Fish Pier at 7:30 this morning to witnesses the jurors’ examination of the bullet riddled boat in which Dzhokhar Tsarnaev hid after the gun and bomb battle with police in Watertown. The boat had been moved to a large warehouse and chairs and a viewing platform, as well as a movable lift, were provided for the jurors. Tsarnaev, lawyers from both sides as well as court personnel were there as well. And it was frigid!

After we moved back to the regular courtroom the government called to the stand several police and a couple of Watertown residents.