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Tsarnaev Defense Rests

After a series of bench conferences during which, presumedly, a stipulation was hammered out, the jury was told that one of the victims of the Marathon bombing was a foreign citizen. Then the defense rested after calling just four witnesses.

A forensic computer expert testified that searches relating to the marathon, and Ruger handgun were made on Tamerlan’s Samsung computer, while most of the searches on Dzhokhar’s Vaio computer were related to social media.

An FBI fingerprint analyst, who was originally scheduled to testify for the prosecution but was instead called by the defense, said that the only prints that belonged to Dzhokhar were lifted from a plastic food container filled with explosive, while his brother Tamerlan’s prints were on a transmitter, a pressure cooker lid, a jar of nails, a caulking gun, rolls of duct tape and a soldering iron.



Heartbreaking Conclusion To Government’s Case

The last witness called before the government rested its case against Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was the medical examiner who did the autopsy on eight-year-old Martin Richard. Martin’s parents were in the courtroom as the ME held up some of the clothing he was wearing when the bomb ripped his body apart.Also shown to the jury were nails, BB’s and shrapnel that was removed from Martin’s body.

Tsarnaev150330There were other witnesses, and the defense began their case. Here are the rest of today’s sketches.




The Last Pieces Of The Puzzle

Prosecutors at the Tsarnaev trial today called an FBI chemist and FBI hazardous devices expert to who both testified about the explosive devices used in the marathon bombing and Watertown shootout. But one detail is still missing, where the bombs were assembled.





At the end of the day a medical examiner was called and jurors were shown autopsy photos of bombing victim Krystle Campbell.


Building A Bomb At The Tsarnaev Trial

More testimony today from investigators who searched the Tsarnaev apartment and Dzhokhar’s dorm room where they found materials that could have been used to build the pressure cooker bombs.



Another FBI agent described efforts to track the movements of Dzhokhar and Tamerlan using GPS devices, store receipts and surveillance video.

And yet another agent told how they searched a landfill to find the backpack full of fireworks and other items from Dzhokhar’s room that his friend, Dias Kadyrbayev, threw into a dumpster.

The government is saving the best for last, so tomorrow should be interesting.

Boston Globe story here.

Into The Home Stretch

With the government expected to rest on Thursday, the pace picked up at the trial of Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. We heard from eight more witnesses, mostly FBI and State Police, on evidence gathering, ballistics and fingerprints.

Tomorrow the jury will be shown a mock-up of the pressure cooker bomb, and on Thursday they’ll see the autopsy photos. Expect a verdict next week.