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Bodies in the Freezer

Renee Bowman, accused of choking and beating to death two of her adopted daughters -a third child, now 9 years-old, escaped out a second story window- and keeping their bodies in a freezer for more than a year, is standing

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Drawing of the Week

The winning drawing of the week didn’t make it to broadcast.  It is a sketch of defense attorney Steven Kupferberg from Thursday’s McKenzie-Gude sentencing “mini-trial” done in anticipation of his cross-examination of the star witness, Patrick Yevsukov, but court adjourned

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DC Officer Charged with Murder in Robbery Gone Awry

DC police officer Reginald Jones (in red) was arraigned in Superior Court yesterday evening on a murder charge for his part in a robbery in which two men were shot and one died. Officer Jones was in his patrol car,

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Sicopata, spanish for psycho, is the nickname Josue Pena, 26, went by in the DC Columbia Heights neighborhood where 9-year-old Oscar Fuentes died last Saturday evening. Pena, shown here at his arraignment in courtroom C-10 of DC Superior Court yesterday,

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Pity the Immigrant

Shanika Robinson, shown above with her brother Leon, agreed to marry Shahabuddin Rana in exchange for monthly payments of $500.  The immigration scam turned deadly when Rana’s brother, after learning that Robinson was having sexual affairs with other men, refused

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