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Bodies in the Freezer


Renee Bowman, accused of choking and beating to death two of her adopted daughters -a third child, now 9 years-old, escaped out a second story window- and keeping their bodies in a freezer for more than a year, is standing trial in Rockville.

WaPo story here.

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Drawing of the Week

The winning drawing of the week didn’t make it to broadcast.  It is a sketch of defense attorney Steven Kupferberg from Thursday’s McKenzie-Gude sentencing “mini-trial” done in anticipation of his cross-examination of the star witness, Patrick Yevsukov, but court adjourned for the day before Kupferberg had a shot at the witness.

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DC Officer Charged with Murder in Robbery Gone Awry


DC police officer Reginald Jones (in red) was arraigned in Superior Court yesterday evening on a murder charge for his part in a robbery in which two men were shot and one died.

Officer Jones was in his patrol car, acting as a look-out, while several men attempted to rob a drug dealer. In an ensuing scuffle one of the robbers was shot and killed by his own son, Arvel Crawford (also pictured), who also took part in the robbery.

WaPo  story here.

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Sicopata, spanish for psycho, is the nickname Josue Pena, 26, went by in the DC Columbia Heights neighborhood where 9-year-old Oscar Fuentes died last Saturday evening.

Pena, shown here at his arraignment in courtroom C-10 of DC Superior Court yesterday, is accused of firing through a door the shot that killed the young boy.

Relatives of the boy had ducked into the apartment where Oscar lived with his mother and grandmother as Pena persued them in a robbery attempt.  Oscar was tying to look through the peephole when the bullet pierced the locked door.

WaPo story here.

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Pity the Immigrant


Shanika Robinson, shown above with her brother Leon, agreed to marry Shahabuddin Rana in exchange for monthly payments of $500.  The immigration scam turned deadly when Rana’s brother, after learning that Robinson was having sexual affairs with other men, refused to continue paying.

On August 18 Shahabuddin was found dead in the DC pizzeria that he owned with his brother.  Shanika, her brother and another man are accused of beating Shahbuddin to death and attempting to set the body on fire.

Yesterday’s preliminary hearing will resume on Friday.

WaPo story here.

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