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Remembering Tim Russert


Tim was my boss.  After a terrible personal tragedy just about exactly a year ago he was one of the first persons to come by my office, close the door, and offer some words of comfort.

I admired him and was proud to work for him.  The sketch shows him on the witness stand during the Scooter Libby trial.  He did an impressive job holding his own during two days of very aggressive questioning by Libby’s lawyer.

I will miss him.

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Russert testimony concludes


After hours of aggressive questioning by defense attorney Ted Wells testimony from NBC’s Tim Russert came to an end the government rested it’s case against “Scooter” Libby.  The defense will call it’s first witness on Monday.

Washington Post story here.

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Russert testifies


Tim Russert, moderator of Meet The Press and NBC News Washington bureau chief (and my boss) took the stand today as the key witness in the “Scooter” Libby trial. In this sketch Russert is questioned by Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald. In the left foreground are Assistant U.S.Attorneys Peter Ziedenberg and Kathy Kedian; seated at the defense table in the right background , left to right, are defense attorneys Ted Wells, William Jeffress and Libby.

Russert’s testimony resumes tomorrow.

Washington Post story here.

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