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Second Amendment, Round Two


Lawyers, journalists and spectators, some of whom camped out in front of the Supreme Court over 26 hours, packed the courtroom as the Justices heard the second Second Amendment case in two years (that’s a lot of twos!).   In Heller v. DC, argued in March 2008, the Court recognized a Second Amendment right for an individual to own a handgun, but it only applied to the District. Today’s case seeks to extend that constitutional right to residents of the States.

NYT article here.

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Historic Second Amendment arguments


The lines began Sunday evening. Today the Supreme Court was packed inside and ringed outside with demonstrators as the Justices heard arguments in a challenge to the DC handgun law – the toughest in the country. It’s been nearly seventy years since the court last considered the right to bear arms.

The sketch shows Solicitor General Paul Clement at the lectern – notice the absence of notes.

Washington Post story here.

ScotusBlog analysis here.

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