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Vick pleads


Michael Vick, whose plea deal was released last Friday, formally plead guilty today before U.S. District Judge Henry Hudson in Richmond.  He is due back in court December 10 for sentencing.

Washington Post story here.

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Michael Vick brings circus to Richmond


After hours of standing in a line behind police tape on a typical Richmond summer day my paper was damp from the humidity and my fingers were swollen like sausages.  As entertaining as it was outside among the hordes of protesters, spectators, media and police it was a relief to finally take a seat in the courtroom. The actual court proceedings  were brief and anti-climactic.

The sketch shows Michael Vick being sworn in before entering his plea of not guilty to gambling and interstate commerce charges involving dogfighting. Standing behind him is Billy Martin, one of his attorneys.

WaPo story is here.


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