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Today’s SCOTUS Sketches

As arguments were about to begin today Chief Justice Roberts reminded lawyers of Chief Justice Rehnquist’s admonition to not look up at the courtroom clock. The reason, not the same as Rehnquist’s, was that the two clocks in the courtroom

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Jury Selection Begins In Marathon Bombing Trial

    Hundreds of eastern Massachusetts residents reported for jury duty his morning in the Boston Marathon bombing trial of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.   Tsarnaev entered the jury assembly hall with his lawyers. It was difficult to make out through the

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Two Opinions and Multi District Litigation

Here are some sketches from Tuesday at the Supreme Court.   The Court heard arguments in Gelboim v. Bank of America Corp., a case from the Second Circuit which turned down an appeal of a case in a Multi District

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Blagojevich Jury Begin Deliberations

The jury, still including the alternates, is instructed by Judge Zagel. On the right is one of the government’s evidence carts that will go into the jury room. Tribune story here .

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The Trend Toward Anonymous Juries

When former congressman William “Cold Cash” Jefferson stood trial in Alexandria last summer sketching the jury was not permitted.  Three decades earlier, at the bribery trial of congressman “Dapper” Dan Flood, the “jury-shot” was a standard among the images an

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Libby juror dismissed

The Libby jury is now down to eleven not too angry men and women after one of the jurors was exposed, innocently the judge said, to outside information. The dismissed juror, described by some as the haughty Grand Dame, is

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Libby jurors continue to listen to tapes

The Jury in the Lewis Libby trial are spending the whole day listening to tapes of his grand jury testimony, all eight hours of it. Washington Post story here.

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