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Jurors’ Valentine


The Jury in the “Scooter” Libby trial came into the courtroom, all but one, wearing red T-shirts with cutout white paper hearts stuck on in honor of Valentine’s Day. One of the jurors, a math school teacher from North Carolina who has on at least two occasions shown the Judge photos of his grandkids, stood up and made a little speech. My bet is that he’ll become the jury foreman; and the one juror who didn’t put on a red tee? surely the likely holdout when it comes to a verdict. She’s an Art curator.

AP story, along with Dana Verkouteren’s sketch, can be found here.

Slate has the story here.

Brief testimony from Jill Abramson


Jill Abramson, the managing editor at the New York Times, took the witness stand for all of five minutes today and said she had no recollection of Judith Miller suggesting to her that the paper do a story on Wilson’s wife’s CIA connection. On cross she was asked if she sometimes did not pay attention Ms Miller, to which she replied: “It’s possible that I sometimes tuned her out.”

Washington Post story here.