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For Administration Law Lovers

The Supreme Court heard arguments yesterday in City of Arlington, Texas v. FCC, a case concerning the deference due an agency in interpreting the statute that it administers and more specifically in this case whether it can determine its own jurisdiction. (Am I starting to sound like a lawyer yet?)

Thomas Goldstein, pictured above, argued for the petitioner. Solicitor General Verrilli, shown seated, responded for the FCC.

NYT story here.

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Justices Puzzle Over Indecency

The highlight of yesterday’s lively argument over the government’s right to restrict offensive language and nudity on broadcast TV came as former Solicitor General Seth Waxman told the Court, “the commission has pending before it…complaints about the opening episode of the last olympics, which included a statue very much like some of the statues that are here in this courtroom, that had bare breasts and buttocks.” SC120109_Waxman

As he noticed Justice Scalia glancing up at the courtroom friezes Waxman said, “Well, there’s a bare buttock there, and there’s a bare buttock here.”

The case is FCC v. Fox Television Stations.

Mike Sacks has the story here.



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