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DNA Sampling No Different Than Fingerprinting

In an opinion delivered by Justice Kennedy today the Supreme Court said that taking a DNA sample from a suspect is the same as fingerprinting someone upon arrest, and that the purpose is indentification of the suspect  “When officers make

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DNA “Fingerprinting”?

Maryland and 27 other states have laws that permit the taking of a DNA sample, usually by cheek swab, at the time of arrest, much like fingerprinting a suspect. Maryland’s high court vacated the conviction of Alonzo King whose DNA,

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Court Opens the Door a Crack on DNA Testing for Prisoners

A sketch of Justice Ginsburg reading her opinion in Skinner v. Switzer : WaPo story here.

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DNA Clears Prisoner After 27 Years

While Donald Gates, convicted of the 1981 rape and murder of a university student, waited in an Arizona prison lawyers in a DC courtroom were asking a judge to release him. Gates’ conviction was based largely on the testimony of

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Lively Argument Over DNA Testing

Today the U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments in a case from Alaska that asks whether a convicted felon has a constitutional right to access state evidence for testing. Because the subject of this case, William Osborne, who was convicted of

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