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Today’s Tsarnaev Trial Sketches

There was a short delay this morning as the court set up a video conference call so that a Tsarnaev relative could testify from Kazakhstan. The government wanted the judge to tell the jury that the oath taken by the

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More Tsarnaev Defense Witnesses

Not a lot happening at the Boston Marathon bombing trial today. We heard from the roommate of Tamerlan’s future wife, a couple of friends of Dzhokhar’s, the owner of a Russian bookstore, a Russian psychiatrist who treated Tsarnaev’s father, a

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Humanity, And Lack Of It

The humanity of victims caring for each other in the middle of the bombing mayhem contrasted with Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s complete disregard and seeming lack of compassion as he just sat there. The last witness to testify yesterday as the government

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Tsarnaev Death Penalty Trial, Day Two

More heartbreaking testimony today, from the family of MIT officer Sean Collier and Lingzi Lu’s aunt. The jury also heard from two more victims who suffered serious injuries. One, a ballroom dancer who lost a leg, glared at Tsarnaev as

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He’s Starting To Look Like A Monster

    I remember thinking that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev appeared very cocky at his arraignment back in July, 2013. Well, that impression was confirmed today when the prosecution in its opening displayed a photo of Tsarnaev giving the finger to the

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Sketches of Two Opinions

The Supreme Court is now in that final stretch of the October 2013 Term when it remains, after all cases have been argued, to issue opinions before recessing at the end of June. Today the Court announced its decisions in

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Theme of the Day: Death Penalty

Yesterday, April 15th, the Supreme Court appropriately delivered two tax related opinions.  Today, as they were about to hear arguments on a Louisiana law that permits the death penalty in cases of child rape, the Court announced their decision approving

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