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The “Booty Shot”

Roger Clemens’ chief accuser, trainer Brian McNamee, took the stand today and described the time he began injecting Clemens with anabolic steroids in 1998. Clemens120514_McNamee_1

He said Clemens first approached him with a bottle of pills and some glass ampoules. “I told him they were no good, that they were toxic. I said get rid of them”. Clemens120514_McNamee_2

A few days later, according to McNamee, Clemens had him come to his hotel suite. “When I got there Roger had the needle, gauze, and alcohol all set up in his bathroom on a towel”.

“He asked me if I could help him with a booty shot”, said McNamee.

AP story here.

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Not A Good Week For Clemens Prosecutors


Roger Clemens’ friend and former teammate, Andy Pettitte took the stand Tuesday and as expected told the jury about a conversation during which Clemens admitted to using Human Growth Hormone.

During cross-examination defense attorney Michael Attanasio got Pettitte to agree that the discussion about HGH was “passing” and “casual”, and that it was possible that he may have – as Clemens once put it – “misremembered.”


On Wednesday it got worse. Attanasio asked Pettitte if it would be fair to say there was a 50-50 chance he had misunderstood Clemens. Pettitte replied, “I’d say that’s fair.”


When the defense asked Judge Walton to strike Andy Pettitte’s testimony about the HGH conversation because it is “insufficiently definitive” the judge took the opportunity to chide prosecutor Steven Durham.

“His testimony now before the jury is, ‘I don’t know,’ ” Walton told Durham. “I thought that what we would hear is, ‘Mr. Pettitte, currently, what is your memory of what Mr. Clemens told you back in 1999?’ ”

“I was waiting for you to ask, and you didn’t ask that.”


The week ended with testimony by FDA agent Jeff Novitsky who established where trainer Brian McNamee got the HGH that he claims he injected Clemens with, and identified syringes, needles and cotton balls bearing Roger Clemens’ DNA given to him by McNamee. Novitsky was a very credible witness, and seemed to connect with jurors looking straight at them as he spoke.

Next week McNamee testifies.

NY Post’s Ken Davidoff’s story here.

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“I’m not acting like Columbo, I am Columbo….

….You see my stumbling around…..that’s not an act.” Rusty Hardin told jurors as he wrapped up an opening statement. The folksy Texan appealled to the jurors sense of outrage that the government would prosecute Roger Clemens simply because he insisted on his innocence. Clemens120424wide

Read about it here.

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Clemens Trial Begins

Near the end of a day taken up mainly by lawyers bickering over details the jury in the Roger Clemens trial finally got to hear an opening statement by the government. The defense’s opening, should they decide to give one at this stage – and everyone expects they will, won’t happen until tomorrow.

AP story here.

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Clemens Perjury Trial II


Roger Clemens stands before the pool of prospective jurors on the first day of his retrial on charges of lying to Congress about his use of performance enhancing drugs. His lawyer, Rusty Hardin is seated in the foreground.

Read the Tweets here.

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Sandusky Pre-Trial Motions

Not much happened in the courtroom during the twenty minute hearing. Judge Cleland later met with the lawyers in chambers to discuss scheduling. The shorter the hearing the harder rhe drawing.

You can read about it here.

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Huguely Verdict and Sentencing

A Charlottesville jury last night found George Huguely guilty of second-degree murder and one count of grand larceny. After hearing testimony from Yeardley Love’s mother and sister, and arguments from lawyers the jury recommended a prison term of 26 years on the murder charge and one year for the larceny. Huguely20223_head

WaPo story here.


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A Bad Day for the Defense

The final day of trial was pretty much a disaster for George Huguely. While his lawyer, Rhonda Quagliana, who had been ill and MIA for the past two days had returned to court, she still looked a little green. Huguely120218_Rhonda
It didn’t help that the prosecution had discovered that this same lawyer had improperly briefed her witnesses on the testimony of the Commonwealth’s witness. Huguely120218_ChapmanHuguely120218_witnessHuguely120218_UsinskyHuguely120218_defense

My guess is that the plan was for the defense’s closing to be delivered by Quagliana, but because she was still on the verge of nausea her partner, Francis McQ. Lawrence had to step in and wing it. Huguely120218_Lawrence
His arguing long and rambling, while prosecutor Chapman’s was powerful and emotional. Huguely120218_juryHuguely120218_familyHuguely120218_doorHuguely120218_Lexie

The jury will begin deliberations on Wednesday.

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Lawyer’s Illness Delays Huguely Trial

One of George Huguely’s lawyer was absent for the second day due to “projectile vomit illness”. No testimony was heard yesterday, and today Huguely objected to moving forward without both of his attorneys present. Huguely120217wide
His other attorney, Francis McQ. Lawrence, said to the judge, “Mr. Huguely told me, ‘I don’t feel comfortable. I don’t feel protected’”. But Judge Hogshire told the defense to move foward, and several non-expert witnesses were called.Huguely120217_Wannamaker

The judge seems determined to finish with testimony in the case on Saturday, and if possible have closing arguments and jury instructions as well.

It could well go late into the night.

WaPo story here.

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Prosecution Rests, Defense Begins

After calling several friends of Huguely and Love to the stand and introducing as evidence the bodybag tag and a photo of Yeardley Love’s bruised and battered face the commonwealth rested. Huguely120215_Taylor

The defense led off with a couple of experts that testified about Yeardley’s blood alcohol level and the injury to her brain. Huguely120215wide

George Huguely has paid close attention, but shown little emotion this week. Huguely120215_huguely

Wapo story here.

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