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Stevens Prosecutors in Contempt of Court

An angry Judge Emmett Sullivan yesterday ruled that government lawyers in the prosecution of Senator Ted Stevens were in contempt of court for failing to produce documents relating to witness tampering and willfully concealing evidence. NYT article here.

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The Verdict

A Washington jury found Senator Ted Stevens guilty on all seven counts of failing to report gifts. The 84 year-old senator has represented Alaska for 40 years, and is up for re-election next week. The senator betrayed little emotion as

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Closing Arguments

Lawyers for both sides argued for nearly six hours yesterday to the jury in the trial of Senator Ted Stevens, who is accused of failing to report gifts he received. Referring to the massage chair prosecutor Joseph Bottini asked :

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What’s a gift?

Testimony in the trial of Alaska Senator Ted Stevens concluded today with prosecutor Brenda Morris interrogating the senator about a massage chair given to him by a friend. Morris: That chair, it’s still in your house? Stevens: Yes. Morris: How

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“My bottom wasn’t bare, ma’am,”

Part of Senator Stevens’ defense against the accusation that he did not report expensive improvements to his Alaska “chalet” is that he never received a bill.  Prosecutor Brenda Sullivan, referring to emails in which the senator discussed billing, suggested that

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Fireworks at Stevens Trial

Expecting a long day of testimony from a single witness and the playing of wiretap tapes, we were taken by surprise when Sen. Stevens’ attorney, Brendan Sullivan, launched into a theatrical explosion of outrage and indignation.  He had reason: the

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Sen. Stevens’ Boot Camp Buddy

Bill Allen, the government’s star witness in its case against Alaska Senator Ted Stevens, described “boot camp” trips with the senator  to resorts where they would hike and lose weight : “No hard liquor,” he said. “Just some wine.” Allen’s

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Jury Selection

The trial of Ted Stevens began today as the Senator stood and faced a pool of 184 potential jurors.  Opening arguments may begin as early as Wednesday, and a verdict is expected before the November elections. The Anchorage Daily News

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Abramoff Sentencing Sketches

I’m often asked how many sketches I do, and the answer is always ‘that depends’. It depends on how much time I have, and whether we’re talking about finished drawings or rough sketches. At the sentencing of Jack Abramoff this

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The Week That Was: The Senator & The Schlub

Sen. Ted Stevens was presumably campaigning in Alaska Wednesday while his lawyer, Brendan Sullivan was in a courtroom In Washington trying to persuade Judge Emmet Sullivan to move the Senator’s trial to his home state so that he could campaign

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