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2017’s Leftover SCOTUS Sketches

Don’t know why I never posted this SCOTUSblog Halloween sketch. It’s a good one I think.

Another banner I neglected to post was inspired by the sports betting case, Christie v. NCAAI also failed to post the sketches from the argument and governor Christie’s swearing in to the bar.

I may be forgiven, it was a tough week. My mother was dying and I needed to be with her. That’s why I missed the arguments in Masterpiece Cakeshopthough I did produce a banner.

. . . with apologies to Wayne Thiebaud.


This Week’s SCOTUS Sketches

Monday was patent day at the Supreme Court with arguments in two cases, Oil States Energy Services v. Greene’s Energy Group and SAS Institute Inc. v. Matal, related to a provision of the Leahy-Smith America Invents Act aimed at keeping patent troll lawsuits out of court.


Wednesday’s argument, Carpenter v. United Stateswas a biggie on cellphone search warrants.