Month: May 2015

One Person One Vote ?

Does “one person, one vote”, a rallying cry of the Civil Rights Movement, and one that the Supreme Court enshrined in a 1964 decision in Reynolds v. Sims, mean voting districts should have the same number of people, or the

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The Verdict Is Death For Tsarnaev

Nothing to say except I’m glad it’s over, which, of course, it isn’t. 

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A Question From The Jury, A Laugh From Tsarnaev

On the first full day of deliberations the jury had a question that so perplexed the judge and lawyers that clarification was sought before it could be answered. A first for this trial, we heard Tsarnaev laugh. While waiting for

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Closing Arguments On Tsarnaev Death Penalty

The jury in the Boston Marathon bombing trial heard closing arguments yesterday on sentencing Dzhokhar Tsarnaev to life or death. Here are the sketches.

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Dead Man Walking ?

Yesterday was a strange day, eighty degrees in the morning, fifty-five by afternoon. It was also the last day of testimony in the death penalty case against Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.The defense called as their final witness Sister Helen Prejean of “Dead

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The Last Of Last Week’s Sketches

Thursday was a short day at the Tsarnaev trial last week as both sides met with the judge in chambers to discuss whether and to what extent Sister Helen Prejean will be allowed to testify. For much of the time

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Today’s Tsarnaev Trial Sketches

There was a short delay this morning as the court set up a video conference call so that a Tsarnaev relative could testify from Kazakhstan. The government wanted the judge to tell the jury that the oath taken by the

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More Tsarnaev Defense Witnesses

Not a lot happening at the Boston Marathon bombing trial today. We heard from the roommate of Tamerlan’s future wife, a couple of friends of Dzhokhar’s, the owner of a Russian bookstore, a Russian psychiatrist who treated Tsarnaev’s father, a

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Tearful Day At Tsarnaev Trial

Tsarnaev’s relatives, who arrived from Russia nine days ago, finally took the witness stand today and the testimony was often tearful. Tsarnaev, who  has betrayed not the slightest emotion or hint of remorse during the excruciating testimony of the bombing

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During The Break

Last Thursday, after lawyers in the Boston Marathon bombing trail spent over an hour meeting in chambers, Judge O’Toole announced that we had a sick juror and would recess till Monday. I immediately made plans to secure a bicycle and

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