Month: April 2015

Tsarnaev Defense Began . . .

. . . two days ago, on Monday, but I was in DC for the same sex marriage arguments at the Supreme Court. I returned to the Boston courtroom today. Until now the focus of the defense had been almost

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Same Sex Marriage Arguments

Good vibes outside the Supreme Court this morning as the justices were about to hear over two hours of argument on gay marriage. The mood sobered up though as the first argument on the question of whether the constitution requires states

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Humanity, And Lack Of It

The humanity of victims caring for each other in the middle of the bombing mayhem contrasted with Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s complete disregard and seeming lack of compassion as he just sat there. The last witness to testify yesterday as the government

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Tsarnaev Death Penalty Trial, Day Two

More heartbreaking testimony today, from the family of MIT officer Sean Collier and Lingzi Lu’s aunt. The jury also heard from two more victims who suffered serious injuries. One, a ballroom dancer who lost a leg, glared at Tsarnaev as

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He’s Starting To Look Like A Monster

    I remember thinking that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev appeared very cocky at his arraignment back in July, 2013. Well, that impression was confirmed today when the prosecution in its opening displayed a photo of Tsarnaev giving the finger to the

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That Magnificent Man In His Flying Machine

When I was a kid I loved to draw flying machines – submarines too – just like the gyrocopter – also called autogyro or gyroplane – that Florida mailman Doug Hughes landed on the west lawn of the Capitol on

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Tsarnaev Guilty On All Thirty Counts

I think it took close to thirty minutes for the court clerk to read all 99 answers on the thirty count verdict form. Enough time for two sketches, though done from a low resolution video monitor in the overflow courtroom

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Three Faces Of Dzhokhar

We only see Tsarnaev from the back when seated in the courtroom, so I did these sketches from the video monitors in the overflow room. I’ll probably do this same thing when the verdict is announced in order to capture

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Deliberations On Tsarnaev’s Guilt Begin

With the outcome all but certain the prosecution in the Boston Marathon bombing trial was noticeably relaxed in the courtroom this morning before the jury assembled to begin deliberations.There wasn’t a whole lot to do but wait. A US marshal, we’ll

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Tsarnaev Closing Argument Sketches

Prosecutor Aloke Chakravarty gave a powerful closing argument today as the case against Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev goes to the jury after weeks of testimony. The defense did the best they could, admitting that Dzhokhar planted the bomb at

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