Clerk Suter’s Morning Shtick

Clerk Willam K. Suter gives an informal, even entertaining, orientation to lawyers about to be sworn to the bar of the Supreme Court. This morning he pointed to the adjacent bench where the press would soon be taking their seats and said, “the press sits over here, so keep your hands on your wallets”.

General Suter – he is a former Army major general – will be retiring at the end of this term after 22 years as Clerk of the Supreme Court.


Art Lien

Courtartist is me, Art Lien. I've been sketching the courts since 1976, and for most of that time the U.S. Supreme Court has been my regular beat. I've been working almost exclusively for NBC News since 1980. Courtroom sketching is a form of visual journalism or reportage drawing that is slowly dying out. Where once upon a time news organization each had their own artist covering a story, today a "pool" artist often sketches for all. It is a demanding and stressful discipline where the drawing is often done directly and under tight deadline.

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  1. Avatar Rob Carey says:

    Enjoying your sketch work. Thanks for posting.

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