Month: November 2012

Justice Ginsburg Forgoes the Jabot

One thing a sketch artist at the Supreme Court needs to look for is whether Justice Ginsburg is wearing a jabot or one of her increasingly large doilies around her neck. Today, for the first time I can recall, she

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Is She Looking At Me ?

Justice Sotomayor often glances over at the press section during oral arguments. Is she just pondering a legal question, or checking that the sketch artist is getting this?

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The Morning After . . .

. . . election day. Best not to read anything into it; Scalia often looks down while the Marshal calls the Court to order.

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Kramer Takes the Tough Cases

I’ve sketched Chief Federal Public Defender A.J. Kramer many times over the years, but always in U.S. District Court where he defended those accused of highly publicized crimes in DC. Today was the first time I’ve seen him argue a

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Politics Aside

Conservative lawyer Miguel Estrada, whose nomination to the DC Circuit by President George W. Bush was succesfully fillibustered by Senate Democrats, went out of his way to support liberal Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan during her Senate confirmation. He called

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Supreme Court Goes to the Dogs

Yesterday’s arguments in two cases from Florida were devoted to man’s best friend, or more specifically his nose. At issue, does the use of drug-sniffing dogs sometimes violate the fourth Amendment’s right “against unreasonable searches and seizures”, or, as the

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