Month: October 2012

The Wind and the Rain Don’t Deter the Supremes

With the rest of the federal government shut down today as hurricane Sandy bore down on Washington, the Supreme Court kept to its schedule and heard arguments in two cases. In the first case, pictured above, the ACLU’s Jameel Jaffer

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Supreme Court Revisits Affirmative Action

Nine years after deciding that race, though not quotas, could be considered in college admissions a new, somewhat more conservative Supreme Court is reconsidering affirmative action. The case against the University of Texas was brought by Abigail Fisher, a Texas

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Sandusky Sentenced

Here are my sketches from the sentencing of Jerry Sandusky in Bellefonte, Pa. Tuesday. A little late in posting them, but better late…. Sara Ganim’s story here.  

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The Lighter Side of a Mixed Case

Carolyn Kloeckner made a mistake navigating the labyrinth required to file a complaint against her former employer, the U.S. Department of Labor, alleging sex and age discrimination. Actually she filed two separate complaints with the EEOC, appealed to the MSPB

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First Monday . . .

…in October. As usual the Justices stood while the Marshal announced the beginning of the Court’s new term. Justice Sotomayor had her large silver earings and bangle and Ginsburg wore one of her giant lace doily things. The only apparent

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