Month: April 2012

This Land Is (Not) Your Land

Things just kept getting better for Arizona governor Jan Brewer, in the right foreground above, and the state’s mean-spirited anti-immigration law, SB 1070, especially when the Chief Justice cut off Solicitor General Verrilli before he could even begin his argument

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“I’m not acting like Columbo, I am Columbo….

….You see my stumbling around…..that’s not an act.” Rusty Hardin told jurors as he wrapped up an opening statement. The folksy Texan appealled to the jurors sense of outrage that the government would prosecute Roger Clemens simply because he insisted

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Clemens Trial Begins

Near the end of a day taken up mainly by lawyers bickering over details the jury in the Roger Clemens trial finally got to hear an opening statement by the government. The defense’s opening, should they decide to give one

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Low Jinks at the High Court

In a playful break of decorum a lawyer at respondent’s table stuck the quill pen that is traditionally given to counsel behind his ear. It should be noted that this occured a half-hour before the Justices would take the bench,

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Clemens Perjury Trial II

Roger Clemens stands before the pool of prospective jurors on the first day of his retrial on charges of lying to Congress about his use of performance enhancing drugs. His lawyer, Rusty Hardin is seated in the foreground. Read the

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Sandusky Pre-Trial Motions

Not much happened in the courtroom during the twenty minute hearing. Judge Cleland later met with the lawyers in chambers to discuss scheduling. The shorter the hearing the harder rhe drawing. You can read about it here.

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