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Opening Statements and Witness Testimony

The jury today heard opening statements from the Commonwealth and the defense followed by testimony from the first witnesses. SC120208wide_Chapman
In his opening prosecutor Dave Chapman told the jurors about an email Huguely sent to Yeardley Love that read in part, “I should have killed you.”

But defense attorney Francis McQ. Lawrence said Huguely only wanted “to talk, to make up, to work things out.”

Eight witnesses testified today, including Yeardley’s mother and sister, but the most lengthy testimony came from Yeardley’s roomate, Caitlin Whitely.

WaPo story here.



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“We Have Reached The Magic Number”….

…said Judge Hogshire after 28 potential jurors had been selected. Tomorrow each side will eliminate six and the remaining jurors and alternates will be empanelled. Openning statements will then be made and the commonwealth will begin its case.

This is the defense table. It’s no accident that Huguely is seated in a smaller chair.

This the the row reserved for the family and friends of the victim, Yeardley Love.

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Jury Selection Begins In Huguely Trial

George W. Huguely V, appearing in court for the first time since being charged in May 2010 with beating his former girlfriend to death, and pled not guilty. Huguely120206_George
The six-foot-two, 200lb University of Virginia lacrosse player appeared much diminished today having lost some weight and sitting in a chair notably lower than the ones his lawyers sat in. Huguely120206wide
Jury selection got off to a slow start with opening arguments now not expected until Wednesday at the earliest.Huguely120206_trio

WaPo story here.

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