Month: February 2012

Sketches of Two Great Lawyers

Harvard and Stanford constitutional expert Kathleen Sullivan made a brilliant argument in the Supreme Court today and ceded no quarter. When asked by Justice Breyer if Blackbeard would have been protected by incorporating Pirates, Inc., she replied, “yes, the corporation

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SCOTUS Hears “Stolen Valor Act”

A lively argument was heard at the Supreme Court Wednesday on the constitutionality of the “Stolen Valor Act” which makes it a crime to lie about receiving military decorations. Robert Barnes has the story here.

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Huguely Verdict and Sentencing

A Charlottesville jury last night found George Huguely guilty of second-degree murder and one count of grand larceny. After hearing testimony from Yeardley Love’s mother and sister, and arguments from lawyers the jury recommended a prison term of 26 years

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A Bad Day for the Defense

The final day of trial was pretty much a disaster for George Huguely. While his lawyer, Rhonda Quagliana, who had been ill and MIA for the past two days had returned to court, she still looked a little green. It

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Lawyer’s Illness Delays Huguely Trial

One of George Huguely’s lawyer was absent for the second day due to “projectile vomit illness”. No testimony was heard yesterday, and today Huguely objected to moving forward without both of his attorneys present. His other attorney, Francis McQ. Lawrence,

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Prosecution Rests, Defense Begins

After calling several friends of Huguely and Love to the stand and introducing as evidence the bodybag tag and a photo of Yeardley Love’s bruised and battered face the commonwealth rested. The defense led off with a couple of experts

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A Day of Medical and Forensic Experts

A neuropathologist, blood stain pattern and fingerprint analysts, a toxologist and trace evidence and DNA experts all testified today at Huguely’s trial, as well as the coroner who returned to the stand for the second day. Here are just a

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Huguely Trial Day Six

Here are sketches of the witnesses – except one very brief – who testified at George Huguely’s murder trial today: WaPo story here.

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An Emotional Day

Detective Lisa Reeves took the witness stand Friday and told the jury how she had brought Huguely from his apartment to the police station for questioning as a potential witness. Noticing that Huguely’s knuckles were severely bruised and that he

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A Few More Sketches

Another day of dramatic testimony at the Huguely trial. Here are a few of today’s sketches: George Huguely taking notes during testimony. The first EMT to take the witness stand. Dr. Brady, who reviewed the EMT’s work. The Honorable Edward

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