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The two cases argued before the Supreme Court today involved the welfare of children.  In the first, Turner v. Rogers, the Court was asked if deadbeat dads who fail to pay child support have a right to counsel when facing incarceration.

The second case, J.D.B v. North Carolina, concerned the Miranda warning, and whether the age of a juvenile should be taken into consideration when determining if the child is in custody.  Pictured below is the attorney representing the juvenile, J.D.B.


Among the Justices favoring making age a Miranda factor was Justice Breyer who referred to his dissenting opinion in an earlier Miranda case, Yarbourough v. Alvarado.

Justice Breyer to NC Attorney General Roy Cooper :  “You know the sentence I’m referring to in my dissent, presumably?  We hope.  When I have set forth the test which was not accepted.”

At which point Justice Scalia interjected, “Some people don’t  – – some people don’t read the sentence.  He may not have read it.”

AP story here.