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Brain Food ?

President Obama last week nominated Donald Verrilli, Jr., a familiar face at the Supreme Court who has argued a dozen cases from the lectern, to be the new Solicitor General.

And Marcia Coyle reports in The National Law Journal that Verrilli “holes himself up with a whole mess of smoked salmon and doesn’t talk to anyone” in the 24 hours before an argument, according to a friend, Jenner & Block partner Paul Smith.

Crafty Craft and Squirrely Squirrels

Since corporations are “persons”, the lawyer for AT&T argued, it follows that corporations have “personal privacy”.   But Chief Justice Roberts pointed out that the adjective may not have the same meaning as it’s root : “Totally different. Crafty doesn’t have much to do with craft. Squirrel, squirrely. ….Same root, totally different”.       

Dahlia Lithwick writes about it here.