Month: August 2010

Clemens Arraignment

A couple of sketches from this afternoon’s arraignment of baseball star pitcher Roger Clemens.  Clemens, shown standing next to his attorney Rusty Hardin, arrived at the courthouse several hours early to get the mugshot and fingerprinting done before the 2

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Perspective Lesson

The New York Times’ Adam Liptak  looks at the ethical question faced by courtroom artists who take on private commissions in an article titled ‘Question of Perspective in Courtroom Paintings’ .  The article focuses on Todd Crespi ( shown above

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U.S. Marshal

This armed U.S. Marshal stood inside the entrance to the courtroom where Ingmar Guandique – see previous post – made an appearance yesterday.

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DC Superior Court

Two cases in Judge Gerald Fisher’s courtroom : The first, pictured above, was a preliminary hearing at which surveillance videos were played of the robbery, and murder of Prabhjot Singh at a check-cashing store. WRC story here Later in the

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Blago II, Coming Soon!

Jurors in the Rod Blagojevich trial were able to reach a verdict on only one count : lying to an FBI agent. A mistrial will be declared on the remaining 23 counts. Prosecutors immediately announced their intention to pursue the

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Blago Jury Deadlocked?

Pictured are Rod Blagojevich and one of his lawyers, Sheldon Sorosky, waiting for Judge Zagel to take the bench and reveal the latest communication from the jury. The jurors note only led to more confusion and speculation about how much

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Blago and Patti Arrive

Rod Blagojevich and his wife Patti made their first appearance at the courthouse since jury instructions July 28.  The are shown here as the arrive on the 25th floor and headed to the courtroom. AP story here.

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Blago Verdict Watch: Day 11

A few doodles to pass the time while waiting for a verdict. Update: The jury has a question! Andrew Cohen on The Verdict Watch

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Blago Update: No News

Day nine of Blagojevich jury deliberations and not so much as a note from the jurors since July 29th. The only news to report is that NBC’s Channel 5 has scored victories at Scrabble and 80’s Trivia. A good story

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