Month: July 2010

Blagojevich Jury Begin Deliberations

The jury, still including the alternates, is instructed by Judge Zagel. On the right is one of the government’s evidence carts that will go into the jury room. Tribune story here .

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“More of a Show than a Closing Argument”

That is how Judge Zagel described the rambling, theatrical performance of Rod Blagojevich’s lead attorney, Sam Adam, Jr., as he tried to refute the government’s case against his client. Tomorrow, after instructions by the judge, the jury will begin deliberations. 

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High Drama at Blago Closings

After a long day of closing arguments by the government that started with Asst. US Attorney Chris Niewoehner citing the famous “I’ve got this thing and it’s F***n golden” quote, and where the only new news was that the Blagojevichs

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20 year-old ‘South Park’ Critic and Taliban Wannabe

How Zachary Adam Chesser, who grew up in suburban Fairfax County, played football and rowed crew at his High School, came to espouse a fundamentalist Islamic ideology is not yet clear, but he was so greatly offended at an episode

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Blagojevich Suddenly Mute

After months of proclaiming his eagerness to take the witness stand and tell his side of the story to the jurors Rod Blagojevich was silent as one of his lawyers, Sheldon Sorosky,  stood up and told Judge Zagel “the defense

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Couple Who Spied for Cuba Sentenced

Kendall Myers expressed no regret as he addressed Judge Reggie Walton at yesterday’s sentencing hearing saying the couple never sought payment from the Cuban government.  “Our overriding objective was to help the Cuban people defend their revolution,” he said. “We

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Russian Spy Ring

Three members of the alleged Russian spy ring who resided in Arlington appeared very briefly -about three minutes- in U.S. District Court, Alexandria yesterday for detention hearings that were postponed. Pictured above is Mikhail Semenko standing before Magistrate-Judge Buchanan.  The

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