Pity the Immigrant


Shanika Robinson, shown above with her brother Leon, agreed to marry Shahabuddin Rana in exchange for monthly payments of $500.  The immigration scam turned deadly when Rana’s brother, after learning that Robinson was having sexual affairs with other men, refused to continue paying.

On August 18 Shahabuddin was found dead in the DC pizzeria that he owned with his brother.  Shanika, her brother and another man are accused of beating Shahbuddin to death and attempting to set the body on fire.

Yesterday’s preliminary hearing will resume on Friday.

WaPo story here.

Art Lien

Courtartist is me, Art Lien. I've been sketching the courts since 1976, and for most of that time the U.S. Supreme Court has been my regular beat. I've been working almost exclusively for NBC News since 1980. Courtroom sketching is a form of visual journalism or reportage drawing that is slowly dying out. Where once upon a time news organization each had their own artist covering a story, today a "pool" artist often sketches for all. It is a demanding and stressful discipline where the drawing is often done directly and under tight deadline.

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3 comments on “Pity the Immigrant
  1. courgette says:

    Pity the Immigrant<-- Great!

  2. Kellie says:

    This story is completely wrong. She didn’t marry Shahabuddin, she married his younger brother Allauddin. Shahabuddin stopped paying her when she failed the immigration test. She wasn’t sleeping with other men…she had one boyfriend that they knew about prior to the marriage scam taking place. Seriously, if you are going to write an article get the information correct. smh

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