Month: October 2009

1 Hearing, 39 Defendants

Thirty-nine names were on the docket for yesterday’s status hearing in the DC Taxicab Commission bribery case. One or two may have been home with the flu, but it was still quite a crowd. Short WaPo story here.

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Pity the Immigrant

Shanika Robinson, shown above with her brother Leon, agreed to marry Shahabuddin Rana in exchange for monthly payments of $500.  The immigration scam turned deadly when Rana’s brother, after learning that Robinson was having sexual affairs with other men, refused

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Justices Question Animal Cruelty Law

Ten years ago Congress passed a law banning video and other depictions of animal cruelty, but the Supreme Court is likely to decide that the law is too broad and vague. Justice Alito was the only Justice who seemed inclined

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A Wink and a Nod Plea Deal

Sentenced to life without parole for the 1997 killing of a DC police officer, Donovan Strickland claims that he was promised a reduced sentence in exchange for his guilty plea.  Under Maryland law, convicts have a right to ask a

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