Month: March 2009

Cuomo Quick Sketch

Former New York Governor Mario Cuomo was in attendance today as the Supreme Court heard arguments in a long running asbestos settlement case. Johns-Manville, once the country’s largest asbestos mining and manufacturing corporation, went bankrupt in 1986 as it faced

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Hillary: The Movie / scotus: the sketch

Above is a sketch of Tuesday’s arguments in a campaign finance (read McCain-Feingold) case about a blistering 90-minute political film, Hillary: The Movie. The sketch shows former Solicitor General Ted Olson arguing on behalf of the movie’s producers. Note that

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Lively Argument Over DNA Testing

Today the U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments in a case from Alaska that asks whether a convicted felon has a constitutional right to access state evidence for testing. Because the subject of this case, William Osborne, who was convicted of

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