Month: January 2009

Navy-Marine Corps Court of Criminal Appeals

U.S. v Neal was argued at the Washington Navy Yard last Friday. The issue before the court arises from a sexual assault case. Major Elizabeth Harvey is pictured arguing for the appellant. You can listen to the argument here.

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Judge Leon Orders Release of Another Guatanamo Detainee

Mohammed El Gharani, a citizen of Chad, was captured in Pakistan seven years ago when he was 14 years old, and has been held at Guantanamo ever since. The government’s case relied mainly upon the unsubstantiated statements of two other

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DC Trial Set for Blackwater Guards

Five former Blackwater security guards pleaded not guilty to charges arising from an attack in Iraq in which at least 14 civilians were killed by the guards. Judge Ricardo Urbina set a trial date of February 1, 2010. Washington Post

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