Year: 2008

‘Lashon Hara’ exception

Overcoming a traditional reluctance to tell a truth with bad intent, known as lashon hara,  the sin of gossip, in the Jewish community, two young men spoke out in a Baltimore courtroom Monday. As former bar mitzvah teacher Israel Shapiro

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Exxon Valdez reaches the Supreme Court

Nineteen years after the disastrous oil spill in Alaska’s Prince William Sound, and fourteen years after a jury awarded the victims $2.5 million in punitive damages, Exxon was pleading its case today before the U.S.Supreme Court. The sketch shows Walter

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“Where’s my goddam money?”

Congressman William Jefferson took the stand yesterday and testified about the manner with which FBI agents interviewed him and searched his home early one morning in 2005 while his wife and daughter slept. He described a trip to the bathroom

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Sad story in DC

Banita Jacks was discovered on Wednesday by marshals serving eviction papers in a dark house, where the electricity had been turned off months ago, with the long decomposing bodies of her four children, ages 5, 6, 11 and 17.  What

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Indiana’s Voter ID, not what it seems to be

The Supreme Court heard arguments yesterday in a challenge to an Indiana law requiring voters to present a photo ID.  Purported to curb voter fraud, the law is a clearly partisan measure to discourage certain voters, the mostly Democrat, elderly

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Court examines mechanics of lethal injection

The Supreme Court Justices focused on the mechanical details of lethal injection in their questions to the attorneys arguing before them in Baze v. Rees today. Some Justices suggested that the case should go back to the lower courts where

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