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Judge Orders Release of 5 Gitmo Prisoners “Forthwith”

Judge Richard Leon, a conservative Bush appointee, in the first ruling since the Supreme Court ordered habeas review of the government’s evidence in the Guantanamo detentions, ordered the release of five of the six detainees in Boumediene v. Bush. The judge said the Justice Department had relied solely on a classified documents from an unnamed source, and that its arguments were not persuasive.

In an unusual move, Judge Leon asked the government not to appeal his decision, saying “seven years of waiting for our legal system to give them an answer to their legal question is enough.”

Washington Post story here.

10 Commandments + 7 Aphorisms = “Tyrany of Labels”


In trying to decide if the town of Pleasant Grove, Utah should be required to allow an obscure religious sect, Summum, to place a monument  bearing the “Seven Aphorisms”, supposed by believers to be original tablets given to Moses, in a municipal park where the Ten Commandments now stand engraved in granite the Supreme Court, during arguments yesterday, grappled with constitutional labels  “public forum,” “limited public forum,” “government speech,”and “private speech.”  Justice Kennedy said “this case is an example of the tyranny of labels.”

NYT story here.