Month: April 2007

Supreme Court revisits McCain-Feingold

Solicitor General Paul Clement arguing today to uphold the “blackout” provisions of the federal campaign finance law meant to stop sham “issue ads”. AP story here.

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11th conviction in Abramoff scandal

Former congressional staffer Mark Zachares, who got his post on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee with the help of Jack Abramoff, pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy for his part in the influence -peddling scandal. AP story is

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“Partial birth” abortion ban

In an opinion by Justice Kennedy (on the left in sketch) the Supreme Court today upheld the federal ban on certain late-term, so-called “partial birth”, abortions.  Justice Ginsberg (right) read her dissenting opinion, joined by Justices Stevens, Souter and Breyer.

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Evelyn Coke’s day in Court, Supreme that is.

Frail and sitting in a wheelchair the 73-year-old former home-care aide who regularly worked twenty-four hour days three or four times a week watched as her case, Long Island Care at Home, Ltd.  v.  Evelyn Coke, seeking overtime pay for

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SCOTUS goes green

In one of two cases decided in favor of environmentalists yesterday the Supreme Court ruled that the EPA needs to start regulating greenhouse gas emissions. Justice Kennedy read the opinion for Justice Stevens who was absent. Washington Post story is

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