Bong Hits 4 Jesus


The Supreme Court today heard arguments in a First Amendment free-speech case from Juneau, Alaska where, as the Olympic tourch passed through town on its way to the 2002 winter games in Salt Lake City, a high school student unfurled a 14-foot banner proclaiming “Bong Hits 4 Jesus”.  The student, Joseph Frederick, who refused to take down the banner and was suspended from school for ten days, successfully sued the principal and school board. The sketch shows his attorney, Douglas K. Mertz, arguing before the Court.

LA Times coverage by David Savage (left foreground of my drawing) is here.

Art Lien

Courtartist is me, Art Lien. I've been sketching the courts since 1976, and for most of that time the U.S. Supreme Court has been my regular beat. I've been working almost exclusively for NBC News since 1980. Courtroom sketching is a form of visual journalism or reportage drawing that is slowly dying out. Where once upon a time news organization each had their own artist covering a story, today a "pool" artist often sketches for all. It is a demanding and stressful discipline where the drawing is often done directly and under tight deadline.

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