Year: 2007

Court unlikey to open broad inquiry into CIA tapes

US District Judge Henry H. Kennedy, Jr seemed reluctant to grant the request by an attorney representing several Yemeni detainees at Guantanamo to compel the government to explain the destruction of CIA interrogation tapes. “Why should the court not permit

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There’s a name for it: zebibah

During the trial I blogged about the bruise on Moussaoui’s forehead resulting from his prostrations during prayer, but I couldn’t find the Arabic term for it. Well, it is called the zebibah and the NYT today has an article about

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Sentencing is peachy for Italia Federici

Republican environmental advocate, and co-founder of CREA, Italia Federici was sentenced yesterday to a mere two months in a half-way house for tax evasion and obstructing a Senate investigation. Ms Federici, who once worked on former Interior Secretary Gale Norton’s

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DC Tax employees help themselves to $20M

Two employees of the District’s Office of Tax and Revenue in charge of tax refunds had been issuing illegal checks amounting to $20 million for the past six years that were cashed by friends and family. Harriette Walters, pictured above

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‘Roe v Wade of business cases’-not!

Stoneridge Investment Partners v. Scientific-Atlanta, hyped as “the Roe v. Wade of business cases”, had the potential of clearing the way for billions of dollars in litigation, but by the end of Tuesday’s arguments it was clear this business-friendly Court

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Court struggles with sentencing gudelines

The Supreme Court today revisited federal sentencing guidelines in two cases where the trial judge made a downward departure.  Two years ago the Court decided that the guidelines should no longer be mandatory, but could still be used in determining

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GU Assailant Facebook IDed

The victim of an anti-gay assault identified his attacker from pictures on his profile.  Philip Cooney, 19, a Georgetown University sophomore was arraigned on simple assault, but may face more serious hate crime charges. The attack occurred in the

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Sen. Craig’s lawyers try to withdraw guilty plea

In a suburban Minneapolis courtroom yesterday attorneys for Sen. Larry Craig sought to withdraw his disorderly conduct plea resulting from his arrest at an airport restroom where he reportedly solicited a sexual encounter through a series of foot-tapping and hand-swiping

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Sex, lies and videotape?

Capitol Police sergeant Mike Malloy, left, watches as Assistant U.S. Attorney Michele Sartori questions a juvenile witness, identified only by her initials, whom officer Malloy is accused of having sex with and videotaping the act. WaPo story here.

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Voting Rights Act challenged

An unusual panel of jurists at the U.S. District courthouse in DC, made up of Circuit Judge David S. Tatel and District Judges Paul L. Friedman and Emmet G. Sullivan, heard arguments in a Texas case that seeks to change

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